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School follows NCERT books prescribed by CBSE. School also introduced Vedic Mathematics. School is working on No Home Work Policy for classes 1 & 2 as per CBSE Norms.


11/4/2019 Thursday Calligraphy Competition Mr. Sunit Aspires
20/04/2019 Saturday Poster Making Competition Mr. Rajat Aspires
25/04/2019 Thursday Talent Hunt Mr. Rohit Aspires
11/5/2019 Saturday Mother's Day/Investiture Ceremony   Achivers
12/7/2019 Friday Inter House Declamation Contest(English) Ms. Anvita Champions
19/07/2019 Friday I.H Quiz (Science) Ms. Rashmi Champions
26/07/2019 Friday I.H Poem Recitation (English) Ms. Rajni Bala Champions
14/8/2019 Wednesday Inter House Patriotic Song Comp. Mr. Rohit Challengers
16/08/2019 Friday I.H Spell Bee Competition Ms. Gurpreet Challengers
30/08/2019 Friday Inter House I.H Group Dance Competition Ms. Shivani Challengers
6/9/2019 Friday I.H Debate (English) Ms. Anvita Aspires
11/9/2019 Wednesday Inter School Debate(English) (Bari) Ms. Anvita Aspires
11/10/2019 Friday I.H Extempore(English) Ms. Anvita Achivers
18/10/2019 Friday I.H Debate(Hindi) Ms. Rimpi Achivers
22/10/2019 Tuesday Inter School Poster Making(Rajound)  Principal Achivers
8/11/2019 Friday I.H Quiz(Social Science and Current.Affairs) Ms. Saraswati Champions
22/11/2019 Friday Inter School Extempore (English)
Principal& Eng. Dept. Achivers
13/12/2019 Friday Inter School Declamation(English)
Principal & Eng. Dept. Challengers
31/01/2020 Friday Declamation contest (Hindi) Ms. Rimpi  
7/2/2020 Friday Hindi Extempore Ms. Mamta  


11/4/2019 Thursday     P.T.I. Aspirers
12/4/2019 Friday I.H. Table Tennis/Students to speak/celebrate     Aspirers
on Baisakhi / Ambedkar / Ram Navmi
17/04/2019 Wed Students to speak on MahavirJayanti   PTI Aspirers
18/04/2019 Thur I.H. Kho-Kho Competition
Students to speak on good Friday
Students to speak  on Good Friday
24/04/2019 Wed I.H. Badminton Championship begins   PTI Aspirers
25/04/2019 Thur I.H. Badminton Championship ends     Aspirers
2/5/2019 Thur I.H. Basketball Tournament begins     Achievers
4/5/2019 Satur I.H. Basketball tournament      Achievers
5/5/2019 Sun       Achievers
6/5/2019 Mon I.H. Basketball tournament ends     Achievers
17/07/2019 Wed I.H. Football/Kabaddi Tournament   PTI Champions
18/07/2019 Thur I.H. Football/Kabaddi Tournament     Champions
17/08/2019 Sat PTM-Result Declaration/Inter School Football Matches KARNAL PTI Challengers
29/08/2019 Thur  National sports day ( Birthday Of MajorDhyanChand)  Pattikalyana  PTI Challengers
Inter school hockey championship 
12/9/2019 Thur I.H. Chess /Carom Board Tournament Begins   PTI Aspirers
13/09/2019 Friday I.H. Chess /Carom Board Tournament Ends     Aspirers
23/10/2019 Wed I.H. Athletic Meet Begins/Sports Day     Achievers
24/10/2019 Thur  I.H. Athletic Meet /Sports Day END   PTI Achievers
6/12/2019 Friday I.H. Sports Quiz Assembly Sports Faculty Challengers
20/12/2019 Friday I.H. Table Tennis/Volleybal/ Skating Tournament   PTI Challengers
21/12/2019 Sat I.H. Table Tennis/Volleybal/ Skating Tournament     Challengers

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